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Institutional Appetite for Cryptocurrencies

Finally it appears that the predicted tipping point of traditional financial institutions investing in Bitcoin is behind us. The headlines have been both dramatic and accelerating along with the rapid rise in BTC price:

Accelerating institutional adoption of digital assets

MicroStrategy invests $425m of corporate treasury in Bitcoin

If you want to get up to speed fast, listen to Michael Saylor, the co-Founder and CEO of MicroStrategy explain why he truly believes that BTC is a store of value, especially into massive QE. A monetary network that can plug into any technology such as Square, Paypal, Amazon etc. BTC has now passed the test of time and won’t be hacked or banned. He believes $10-15bn  of BTC will be sold on mobile phone apps.

The Proff G Podcast 15mins in. MicroStrategy invests $450m in BTC


BTC Investing- Safer than before.

We have come a long way in crypto currencies and safety and security have improved significantly. The emergence of insured and credible custody (Bitgo, Fidelity, Gemini) and safe trading (Copper, Tagomi, Fireblocks) is, without a doubt, a considerable catalyst in further interest in digital assets. Liquidity providers such as B2C2 take much exchange pain away for bigger players. For investors/speculators still not keen to set-up trading accounts many tracker funds (Coinshares, Grayscale) and actively managed crypto-asset funds are available ( Nickel, Soldium)

BTC Futures: Exponential growth expected

BTC futures and options are the natural evolution of any financial product. On 26th November derivatives exchanges set an all time record volume of $93.36bn. In the regulated space, reflecting institutional activity, the CME traded a record $17.1bn in November, averaging $962bn of open interest.

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